New webportal about roadless areas worldwide

Just now a new webportal promoting the protection of roadless areas around the world opened up. Featuring a road alert ticker, a very entertaining short clip and more news about current deforestations.

Although in my opinion roads are merely a proxy for anthropogenic (agricultural) development, but they are certainly a good indicator of follow up development and literally all large-scale deforestations in the last decade are accompanied by road construction. However this mostly matters for forests and large scales. Poachers can enter a forest without cars, invasive species can spread without roads within naturally disturbed areas in forests, pollution can affect it through water, soil and air and so on. So keep in mind that just because there is no road it doesn’t mean that a particular area counts as well protected wilderness (what does this word mean anyway in the ‘Anthropocene’). Nevertheless, forest without roads are certainly worth protecting and they should be kept roadless!


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