Python Scripts for QGIS
Place under  “./qgis2/processing/scripts"

#Makes a quick copy of a raster layer
#Definition of inputs and outputs
##[Raster scripts]=group
##b=number 1
##output=output raster

#Import body
from qgis.core import *
from qgis.gui import *
import numpy
from osgeo import gdal

#Algorithm body
# Get Raster input
ras = processing.getobject(input)

# Load in as GDAL Array
rasterPath = ras.source()
raster = gdal.Open(str(rasterPath))
rows = raster.RasterYSize
cols = raster.RasterXSize
nodata = raster.GetRasterBand(b).GetNoDataValue()
array = raster.GetRasterBand(b).ReadAsArray()

# Create new File
driver = gdal.GetDriverByName('GTiff')
out = driver.Create(output, cols, rows, b, gdal.GDT_Float32)

# Write array
band = out.GetRasterBand(b)

# flush data to disk, set the NoData value

# Set Geotransform
# Exports an attribute table as table
##[Vector scripts]=group
##Output_table=output table

import os
from osgeo import gdal, ogr, osr
from processing.core.TableWriter import TableWriter
from processing.core.GeoAlgorithmExecutionException import \
from import *

vector = ogr.Open(Input_vector, False)
layer = vector.GetLayer(0)
featureCount = layer.GetFeatureCount()
if featureCount == 0:
raise GeoAlgorithmExecutionException(
'There are no features in input vector.')

vectorCRS = layer.GetSpatialRef()

columns = []
featureDefn = layer.GetLayerDefn()
for i in xrange(featureDefn.GetFieldCount()):
fieldDefn = featureDefn.GetFieldDefn(i)

feature = layer.GetNextFeature()
while feature is not None:
for i in xrange(featureDefn.GetFieldCount()):
fieldDefn = featureDefn.GetFieldDefn(i)
if fieldDefn.GetType() == ogr.OFTInteger:
elif fieldDefn.GetType() == ogr.OFTReal:
feature = layer.GetNextFeature()

writer = TableWriter(Output_table, 'utf-8', [])
row = []
for i in xrange(len(columns[0])):
for col in columns:
row[:] = []

R Scripts for QGIS
Place under  “./qgis2/processing/rscripts" with file extension .rsx

# Displays a basic levelplot of an input raster using rasterVis
##[Own Scripts] = group
##layer = raster
myPal <- terrain.colors(20)
# GGmap routing script by Martin Jung
##Vector processing=group
##x = string Copenhagen, Denmark
##y = string Berlin, Germany
##type= string driving
##output = output vector
if (!require(ggmap)){print("ggmap not installed. Will install it now");install.packages(ggmap, dependencies = TRUE)}

r <- route(from=x,to=y,mode=type,structure="route",output="simple",alternatives=F,messaging=F) # get the route
cs <- CRS("+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84 +no_defs") # WGS84 projection

l <- Lines(list(Line(r[c("lon","lat")])),ID=paste0(type,"_track"))
sl <- SpatialLines(list(l),cs)

data <- data.frame(from=x,to=y,type=type,length_km=sum(r$km,na.rm=T),duration_h=sum(r$hours,na.rm=T))
output <- SpatialLinesDataFrame(sl,data=data,match.ID=F)

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