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Studies, Copenhagen and Bird Lookup

Hej dear Readers,

sorry for the long absence, but i had and still have a lot of stuff going on. In pursue of a Master degree i recently moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. This comes with a lot of new obstacles and experiences for me. The focus of new blog posts will move slightly into the direction of my study focus and therefore you can expect some posts about phylogeny, ornithology or more theoretical stuff in the future.

By the way: There are still a lot of visits and blog comments about problems with my LecoS plugin. Please use this Bug-tracker for reporting future issues. I will try to fix them, if i have time and sudden coding passion.

As a little extra to this blog post:

I just cleaned my computer from all old stuff, raster data and other files. While doing this i stumbled upon a small little tool i coded back in 2005. It´s a simple bird-names lookup tool (called Birdlooker) coded in python. It takes a German, Latin or English bird name of the Western Palaearctic bird world as input and returns their respective translated names in the other languages. I coded it because i wanted a fast lookup of Latin and English names for German birds without using the Internet or a book.


Maybe it is still of use for some people. Download it here

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