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Palmoil in Cameroon

This blog is also about Conservation projects and campaigns and i always wanted to write a little post about the campaign i am involved in since the very start.

Location of the SGSOC Plantation in Africa

As part of the SAVE Wildlife Conservation Fund i engage myself against a huge palmoil-plantation in south west Cameroon. A big American concern tries to establish a 70.000 hectare big plantation right in the middle of several world-famous national parks such as the Korup National Park.

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Palmoil Information

The Zoological Society of London opened a new information site for palm oil, which is also available in Indonesian language. The aim of this website is to provide easy access to new research studies and resources for all people who take action in reducing the impact of palm oil plantations to the environment.


I think the whole project is quite ambitious, but definitely worth a try. Maybe the documents could help some decision takers to get new ideas about how biodiversity conservation and economic development play along. Regardless of the good intention i am a bit worried that one of the largest palm oil producers “Wilmar International” is also involved through financial aids to the project. Lets see if it won’t exert a bias on the scientific information and resources on the website.

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